Top 10 Videos Most Tweeted Now

Live Chelsea Press Conference

And you can watch today's press conference live right here: #CFC

Gente peleandose por la Harina Pan en

La gente peleando en Margarita por la Harina Pan: Vía @elsoponcio

Draw My Life | Sam Pepper

Here is my new video. This took quite some time so it would mean alot if you could click "like" if you watch it! >

A signal from Poland: We're still flying, captain!

The Browncoats of Poland: We're still flying! (via @Wawrzyniec_P) I've GOT to go to Poland.

H&S eligió a Messi como #1

Más rápido que sus piernas, corre su cabeza. Por eso y más, voto a #MessiN1dePiesaCabeza. RT si vos también lo votás!

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan on CNN (FULL ORIGINAL)

After watching that insane video, check out the comments on the page. Holy. Shit. 'Merica.!

Family Guy - Breaking Bad (and the Wire)

Fan of Breaking Bad? Watch this

FIFA Puskas Award WINNER: Miroslav Stoch

Congratulations to Miroslav Stoch on winning the FIFA Puskas award:

Adiós Playas Privadas

Adiós Playas Privadas:

Kid President AWESOME YEAR Challenge!

Here are some ideas for making someone's year more awesome: #awesomeyear
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